Director of Counseling and Health Services

University of New Orleans,

Student Affairs
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Mon, Jul 27th, '20


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Mon, Jul 27th, '20

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The Director of Counseling and Health Services will oversee all operations of Counseling Services and will serve as the liaison to Ochsner Health Clinic – UNO. The Director will also develop, in collaboration with key stakeholders, health promotion outreach and activities to support overall student wellbeing.

The Director must have strong clinical acumen, compassion, and interpersonal skills with the ability to develop a broad institutional perspective and work effectively as both a team leader and team member who can inspire confidence and trust. As a member of the Student Affairs leadership team, the Director will enjoy strong strategic partnerships with supportive colleagues across Student Affairs and the University.

The successful candidate will balance clinical and administrative duties, guide decisions regarding campus-wide prevention and wellness initiatives, and ensure that all clinical management guidelines, protocols, and practices reflect and are consistent with current standards and evidence-based research. A key focus of this position is to ensure the design, delivery, and assessment of effective counseling, prevention, and wellness programs to reduce barriers to learning and create opportunities for greater academic achievement and student success.


Administrative oversight of all Counseling Services departmental operations including all clinical services, clinical training and outreach services, purchasing, capital outlay, and all Counseling Services budgets; provides administrative oversight of the Counseling Services electronic scheduling and recordkeeping system including coding, client billing and generation of reports.

Provide a full range of counseling services for students including mental health assessments, treatment planning, short-term psychotherapy, crisis interventions, referrals, and career testing and counseling.

Facilitate the efficient and effective operation of Counseling Services through coordination of regular staff meetings, policy development and revision, individual supervision of staff, and consultation and collaboration with key strategic partners.

Provide clinical supervision of unlicensed staff and interns.

Provide mental health consultation services for the UNO community including to faculty, staff, students, and parents and family members of students. Serve on Student Care Network as needed.

Develop health promotion outreach and activities designed to support overall student wellbeing.

Meet quarterly with representative(s) from the Ochsner Clinic Foundation, our partners in operating the Ochsner Health Clinic – UNO.

Submit periodic statistics and benchmarks of clinical and outreach services and annual Institutional Effectiveness reports with updates of departmental goals and objectives, and a written summary of Counseling Services annual activities.

Manages the Counseling Services website and SharePoint site.


The goal of the professional staff of Counseling Services is to assist students in addressing mental health concerns in a professional, unbiased, objective way. To that end, Counseling Services offers problem assessment, short-term personal counseling and career testing and counseling and, when warranted and/or desired by the student, referrals for ongoing, longer-term or specialized treatment for currently-enrolled UNO students.

In addition to personal counseling and career testing and counseling for UNO students, Counseling Services also provides consultation for UNO faculty and staff with concerns about students, psychoeducational outreach for the UNO community, and specialized professional training for graduate students in counseling and other behavioral health professions.


Master’s Degree in Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, or related discipline. Must be licensed in Louisiana or eligible for licensure in Louisiana.

Minimum of 3 years of experience working in a mental health counseling setting providing personal counseling, crisis intervention and counseling, and mental health consultation.

Minimum of 1-2 years of experience providing clinical supervision of graduate level students.

Experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, or related discipline. Current board approved supervision credentials, if applicable (e.g. LCSW-BAS, LPC-S).

1-3 years of experience in an administrative role at a university counseling center providing personal counseling and career testing and counseling, crisis intervention and counseling, and mental health consultation.

Experience working with diverse student populations.

Proficient with electronic scheduling and documentation software systems (Titanium Schedule and SharePoint).

Proficient in website management.

Experience in providing psychoeducational outreach.

Experience with mental health services policy development.

Excellent oral and written communication.


$60,000 - $70,000